Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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People from all religions have been offering prayers to the sun for centuries — the true source of life and energy. The yogic sequence of Surya Namaskar is one such practice. Let’s have a better picture of this and the benefits of doing Surya Namaskar.

What is Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is an old practice of paying reverence to the sun. It is a type of gratitude to this creator of all life on earth, consisting of 12 different postures.

The research behind this ancient methodology is important to understand. This will help you get the right viewpoint on this mighty yoga exercise. Old Indian wise men said that distinct powers control various sections of the body. For eg, behind the navel, the solar plexus is linked to the Sun. Surya Namaskar’s daily activity enhances the size of the solar plexus. In essence, this enhances your imagination, interpersonal knowledge, decision-making, confidence, and leadership. That’s why it is strongly recommended to perform Surya Namaskar.

When Can We Do Surya Namaskar

The Surya Namaskar can be completed at any time of day. It’s better to do so at sunrise though. This is because the rays of the light help revitalize the body and freshen the spirit. There are drawbacks to performing Surya Namaskar and at other times of the day. If you do it in the afternoon, it immediately energizes your body as it lets you unwind when it is finished in the evening.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar’s effects are multidimensional. It makes the body and mental functions function better. Here are a couple of Surya Namaskar’s benefits:

  • The postures are a perfect combination of asanas and warm-ups
  • It helps keep you healthy and disease-free
  • Daily exercise fosters body balance
  • Improves supply of blood
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Tones the digestive system
  • Stimulates the abdominal, respiratory, lymphatic, spinal, and other internal organs
  • Tones the muscles of the head, neck, shoulder, arms, shoulders, feet, back, and legs, thereby supporting absolute flexibility
  • It controls the interconnectedness of body, breath, and mind mentally, thereby keeping you calmer and raising the energy levels with a sharp awareness.

How Does Surya Namaskar Help Children?

Children are subjected to depression and fear at an early age, with cut-throat competition everywhere. Surya Namaskar helps kids relax their minds, increase their focus, and develop stamina. It reduces the feeling of anxiety and restlessness, especially during examinations. Surya Namaskar’s routine exercise also contributes the body power and stamina. It also helps to develop muscles and make the body more flexible. Even Surya Namaskar can be done every day by children as young as five.

How To Do Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a sequence of 12 active yoga poses. In addition to being a fantastic cardiovascular workout, Surya Namaskar also has an incredibly beneficial influence on the body and mind.

Surya Namaskar does well on an empty stomach early in the morning. — Sun Salutation round is made up of two sets, and each set is made up of 12 yoga poses. Various variations of how to perform Sun Salutation can be found. It is therefore recommended to adhere to a single edition and periodically follow it for better performance.

Step 1. Pranamasana (Prayer pose)

Stand at the edge of your mat, keep your legs together and put your weight evenly on both sides. Extend your chest and loosen your back. When you breathe in, raise your arms from the knees, and as you exhale, place your hands together in prayer position in front of the chest.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 2. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose)

Raise your arms and lift your arms and bring the biceps near your ears. In this posture, the intention is to span the whole body from the heels to the fingertips.

Tips to expand your stretch of yoga:
You could shift the pelvis a little bit forward. Make sure you stretch with your fingers, instead of trying to bend backward.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 3. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)

Breathing out, lean forward, holding the spine erect from the hip. Bring your hands down to the floor next to your feet as you exhale completely.

If required, you can bend the knees to get the palms down to the floor. Give a gentle attempt now to straighten the legs. It is a smart idea to keep your hands locked and not adjust them until the sequence finishes.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

Push your right leg out as far as possible while breathing in. Put your right leg down to the floor and lookup.

Make sure the left foot is between the palms specifically.


Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 5. Dandasana (Stick pose)

When you relax, take back your left leg and straight up the entire body.

Hold your arms perpendicular to the floor.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 6. Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with eight parts or points)

Drop your knees to the floor softly, and exhale. Slightly take the hips back, move forward, rest your chest and chin on the floor. Lift your back a little bit. The two hands, two feet, two knees, the chest, and the chin (eight pieces of the body) may hit the surface.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 7. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Slide forward and lift your chest to the Cobra pose. In this position, you can keep your elbows bent with the shoulders away from the ears. Look up to the roof.

Take a gentle effort to force the chest forward as you inhale; make a gentle effort to drive the navel down as you exhale. Tuck under the toes. Make sure that you move as much as you can, and don’t push your body.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 8. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose)

Breathing out, raise the hips and tailbone to put the body into the inverted ‘V’ position.

Try to keep the feet on the ground if possible, and make a gentle attempt to raise the tailbone up, moving deeper into the stretch.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

Bring the right foot forward between the two palms, breathe in. The left knee descends on the floor. Push down the hips, then lookup.

Place the right foot between your two hands and the right calf on the floor. Take a gentle effort in this posture to drive the hips down towards the ground, to deepen the stretch.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 10. Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)

Bring the left foot forward when you breathe out. Place your hands on the floor. If required, you can bend the knees.

Straighten your knees and try to touch your nose on your knees if you can. Continue to breathe.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 11. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose)

Roll up the spine and breathe in. Raise your hands up and bend back a little, pushing your hips out slightly.

Make sure your biceps are right next to your ears. The idea is to stretch more than to stretch backward.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Step 12. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

When you exhale, straighten your body first and then put down your arms. Relax here and observe your body’s sensations.

A set of Surya Namaskar is completed here. Repeat the steps to complete the round. Only this time, begin with taking the left foot behind in step number 4 and bringing forward the right foot in step number 10. Once done, you’d have completed a round of Surya Namaskar.

Benefits Of Doing Surya Namaskar
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Practicing yoga allows the body and mind to heal, but is not a replacement for medicine. Under the instruction of a professional yoga instructor, it is important to learn and practice yoga. If you have some medical problems, perform yoga only after consulting your doctor.

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