8 Simple And Beautiful Rangoli Designs For Diwali

8 Simple And Beautiful Rangoli Designs For Diwali
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Diwali is around the corner and you’ve got to be all geared up to celebrate it with your family and friends. By now, most of your Diwali-related tasks must have been done, if not all! But if you don’t make a beautiful rangoli, the lights festival would be incomplete. Do you know what this year’s rangoli you will make? Yeah, we know that you have plenty of time to think about it, but it’s best to schedule it ahead of time, don’t you agree? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’re sure you’re going to love these beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali that are easy to make.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Diwali

The Sanskrit word’ rangavalli’ incorporates the name rangoli. While decoration is the purpose of making rangoli, it is thought to bring good luck. People make rangoli on different occasions and festivals. And on Diwali, rangoli is created to honor the wealth goddess. If this year you want to make a lovely rangoli, we give you some of the beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali. Try the one you like and with your imagination and impress everyone.

1. Simple Ganapati Rangoli Design

If it is drawn at the entrance of your home, office or villa, this simple and special Ganpati Rangoli design will certainly be the center of attraction. This represents our love for the Lord Ganesha and symbolizes India’s Ganesh festival. This design of Rangoli is very easy to draw, and even beginners can easily carve it out. You can try other Ganesh avatar forms as well.

2. Semicircle Easy Rangoli Designs

The semi-circle rangoli design is just as good as the circular one. For fewer curves and heavy patterns, this is a very simple design. Although this design looks basic, it is very elegant and worth appreciating! This rangoli design is a perfect choice if this design has to be placed on your doorstep or in front of a workplace or store.

3. Corner Rangoli Design

With several colors and patterns, you can see various types of Rangoli designs in the corner. Now, this is an excellent piece of the Rangoli corner. It goes well with the big antique Diya in the corner and it is filled with Rangoli drawn. Despite the lack of design and variety, the colors used in this Rangoli still give it a soothing effect. If you want to make a Rangoli design at your doorway, this is the best choice! And it’s one of the simple Rangoli designs that fit all Pujas styles.

4. Easy Geometric Rangoli

There are several forms of Rangoli, and this is one of the designs that has now become very popular. The name is such that the borders or the basic frames are always in some geometric patterns, particularly squares and rectangles or diamond shapes. The designs are almost abstract even inside the mainframe, but the good part is that you can really make them look smart. They made a simple Rangoli design like in this one and used a lot of floral petals in it. The diyas used for decorations are easy to find and make the place look so much better.

5. Diya Rangoli

During Diwali, you light up lots of diyas in your home, so why not make a diya rangoli? A big rangoli Diya will look amazing at your front door or gate You can use either vibrant rangoli colors or flower petals to create a diya rangoli. Choose a marigold flower, white chrysanthemum, or white roses if you go for flower petals. This Diya design may be basic, but it’s never out of style!

6. Kolam Rangoli

Dotted rangoli or kolam rangoli designs are geometrically symmetrical and look gorgeous, but they are not easy to make. To draw outlines first, use a piece of chalk and then use rangoli colors. Most kolam rangoli design is flower and star pattern, design of flowers and leaves, dotted peacock kolam, star kolam rangoli, and so on. Choose your favorite design and create a masterpiece!

7. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli

In Maharashtra, Sankar Bharti rangoli is famous. Three to four fingers are used to design in Sanskar Bharti rangoli. This rangoli is very complex and this rangoli should only be attempted when you’re experienced in rangoli making. If not, then stick to simple designs.

8. Swastika Sign Rangoli Design

This is what you call an eye-catching style of Rangoli! The vibrant theme is splashed into the design in many bright colors. The symbol in the middle of the swastika is very attractive It blends contrast with bright colors such as red and green, orange and yellow, blue and yellow, red and navy blue. It takes time to draw this design. If you want to flaunt the creative person in you and you don’t have to spend time, it’s what you should do.

There you get it – 8 simple and beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali. Using one or more designs of Diwali rangoli designs from the above list and make a wonderful range of Diwali collection designs! Your design will be certainly a talk when the guest comes to our home to celebrate Diwali

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