Baby Shower Decoration Ideas And Themes

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas And Themes
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Whether it is your baby on the way or that of a friend or relative. Throwing a baby shower needs an element of organization of the party. From the date of the party to the theme, decoration, and most importantly budget, even if you’re not a professional event planner. You can still organize the absolute best bash for the mom-to-be with these ideas good food, drinks, decor, and more. You can do step by step process.The secret to throwing or hosting an unforgettable baby shower is in being organized. First set the budget of the party, then the theme of the party and then the guest list. Here are some baby shower decoration ideas that would memorable for all.

Select a Theme

It is very important for baby shower decoration ideas to select a theme for the party. Choose a theme that may give you enough scope to allow you to work out on other details of the party. Pick nursery, bright colors, natural or jungle themes or characters of favorite nursery storybooks or cartoons. Scroll up for some beautiful theme ideas.

  •  Pop Up theme.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
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This is a very new and fun theme idea,  ‘ the baby is about to pop’ theme party. Colorful balloons and other different pop-up decorations can be used to match the mommy-to-be. Guests can play games like popping the balloons or making animal shapes with balloons. That would make the party more fun. Guests can have popcorns and soda pops as per the theme.

  •  Twinkle Twinkle little star.

This can be a celestial theme party. Decoration may include glittery moons and stars, metallic balloons  silver or gold. Mom can wear a theme-based color for the party.  Guests can have stars and moon-shaped goodies as return gifts!

  • Mom- to-bee theme. 

This can be a very creative theme for the new mom-to-be. Where the bee theme based decoration and food can be displayed like yellow and black balloons. Bee shaped cookies and cupcakes and also bee shaped invites for the guests. It is one of the cute baby shower decoration ideas.

baby shower ideas
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Exclusive invitations.

Baby showers are memorable celebrations that can be made even more remarkable by creating a baby shower worded invites. A worded invite not only looks beautiful but may act as inspiration for future references. Here are some important points to include in your invitation cards.

  • Date and time of the party
  • Theme if any
  • Color or dress code details if any
  • Venue address
  • RSVP details
Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
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Plan the menu 

It is a very important process to plan your menu. It should mainly depend on the time of the party. Whether its the day time or at night or evening. You may want the food according to the selected theme. It may be practical to go for finger food and easy to eat snacks. During the selection of the menu, the cravings of mom-to-be should also be considered to make her happy on her own baby shower. Also, include fresh fruit basket and juices to the menu.



Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
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DIY Decorations.

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lots of money for decoration. Things you can Do It Yourself with the stuff available and be in the budget. There are hundreds of ideas that you can use and decorate the venue according to the decided theme. Scroll up for some DIY ideas.

  • Diaper cake. 

The diaper cake can be a decoration or can be gifted to the mommy-to-be. You just need some cardboard pieces to stack the diapers. Next, tie the diapers, make tiers of the diaper cake and keep one over the other.  Decorate it with flowers or other stuff and your cake is ready!

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  • Name suggestions.

This is an interesting game where the guest can suggest a name for the baby. You can do this easily by keeping a bowl and some sheets of blue for baby boy and pink color for baby color, some pens to write. You can keep a signboard. This will be readable and guests can help themselves.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
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  • DIY cupcake holder.

This is a very cheap and creative way to make trays for keeping cupcakes and make your decoration look better. For this, you need  plastic plates, plastic candle holders, some glue and spray paints. Pregnant women should not  do this as spray paint contains chemicals that are not good for her if inhaled). Just stick the candle holder under the plate and spray the paint. Let it dry and your cupcake holder is ready.

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Party favors/ return gifts.  

Party favors or return gifts for the guest is a nice gesture of thankfulness. You can give small gifts like scented candles, sweet boxes or some accessories for the lady guests or hand made chocolates.  For something more special a handwritten note by the mom-to-be can be given with the gifts. To thank the guests.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
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While planning a baby shower for someone or for yourself. These things will you in your preparation, decoration and making the party joyous and fun. Whose lovely memories will be cherished forever by the mom-to-be!

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