Baby Care During Winters


Winter is approaching.

Is your baby due in peak winters or is just few months old, here are the best tips. Take warm care of babies this year and prevent ’em from cold waves.

1. Expose to Sunlight: Let your baby stay in some sunlight during the daytime (morning time preferably). This is only possible when its not cloudy. Do not let cloudy wind hit your newborn though.
2. Keep the room warm: Do not let the moistness dampen the room. Use room heater when baby is not in the room and let the dampness go. Blowers can be used in the night time for few hours when baby is sleeping. But is always better to use them when baby is away.
3. Massage: Massage your baby twice a day during winters after warming the oil a little. It will keep the blood circulation go and hence internal warmth will remain inside baby’s body. Mustard, til, olive and almond oils are good in winters.
4. Do not cover a lot: Always let your baby remain in comfortable cloth. Let a cotton cloth remain inside his/her woolen cloths. Layering is the best way to keep them warm. Direct wool can cause rash on their soft skin. Same is with blanket, use a cotton cloth underneath the thin blanket. Heavy blankets can restrict their movement which may irritate them.
5. Maintain proper hygiene: Keep your hands germ free before you breastfeed. Use clean cloths and feeding bottles/bowls untouched, to avoid any infections in infants.
6. Breastfeed: Breast milk is the only boon for new born, it improves baby’s immunity and also keep them warm from inside.
7. Moisturize: Do not let your baby’s skin dry in winters, keep it moisturized all through the day. Use herbal or natural products only.
Stay Healthy and be Happy. Enjoy your parenthood and share your experiences with us.
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