Why Do Babies Cry?

Why Do Babies Cry
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We often wonder, why babies cry so frequently. Few babies  have so loud pitch that it seems very annoying. But do you know why they shriek?
A baby who is just born few weeks ago knows nothing of this world, not even sure about his own needs.
He want you to understand it and satisfy his need of the hour.

There can always be a reason behind a baby’s cry. Till 5 months of age, when they just have developed very few communication skills, crying is only a discrete act that have maximum chances of gaining attention from his/her Mom.

Understanding Baby’s signalling


1. Time and Pattern:

Time: You need to understand his time table he has at particular time. So that you will be able to ease him smoothly understanding his requirement of the time immediately, whether he needs a diaper change or its his feeding time or just a little nap is required.

Pitch: He/She is not always loud ! Remember, babies cry more loudly when their call is being ignored. Initially they call us with short gesture (signal: which normally includes random hand or leg movement) of discomfort or a little cry.

2. Attention or Ignorance:

The earlier you attend him, lesser cranky the baby will be.
Never ignore his initial signals, it makes him happier to get attended on time. Happier baby is healthier baby.
Never think that crying is a necessary part, its just an orthodox which says crying makes lungs stronger. (Its just applicable for the first cry after birth, where doctors make baby cry to fill fresh air in them for the first ever time).

Few more Things To Be Kept In Front Pockets

1. A sudden loud cry mean something serious, may be an insect bite or some severe pain.
*Attend immediately*

2. Profuse crying may indicate some consistent pain. If its not hunger or a need of diaper change then it can be a stomach ache.
*Call your pediatrician*

3. A research confirms, that a mother who is usual to give early response have developed a secure and more confident baby. As they have developed a trust of being listened on real need. They have not to be cranky every time to get heard.
*Gaining trust is most important*

4. Let him be on your lap for sometime, when he is demanding it.
*There is nothing more strengthening than the embrace of a Mom*.

5. Even the little babies get bored of same room, same toys and even same faces. Let them see the world outside.
After all *Human is a social animal* 

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