Know How To Avoid Gender Stereotype

Avoid gender stereotype
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        How To Avoid Gender Stereotype

Do you want to make sure that the girls in your lives understand that they can do what they want? Then it’s time to bend some muscle and begin to bust gender stereotypes! Children have this incredible, natural capacity to see the world as limitless. But when adults indicate that certain things or behaviors are off-limits for children depending on their sex, their worlds are becoming smaller and smaller.  And that’s not only sad, it can also be harmful. Obviously, every parent has the best intentions. But sometimes it is possible to encourage unknowingly stereotypes that can fence your kid in. Try these simple tips to avoid gender stereotype and promote your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same to make sure she knows she can achieve anything she wishes in life!

Tips To Avoid Gender Stereotype

1. Let toys be toys, for girls and boys!

Make sure your kids get a broad range of toys to play with. You never understand what they’re going to gravitate to or why. Your child may enjoy the mini kitchen playset because he sees you cooking every day and wants to be like you. “On the other hand, your child’s daughter might like toy trucks because she sees them driving through your neighborhood and likes to create scenarios about the things she encounters in her everyday world.” The point is that you won’t understand what your kid might really be in unless she has choices and encourages her to see what interests her most.

Avoid gender stereotype
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2. Plan meaningful meetings:

Expose your children, boys, and girls!—Women who have pursued all kinds of routes in life. Your local fire department has just recruited a woman firefighter? Stop at the station to say hello and thank her for her service. Is the next door lady a computer programmer? Fantastic! Encourage your kids to ask her about her profession. “Women, even those with very good careers in male-dominated areas, are still too often seen by kids only as those who fix the snacks for the weekend soccer match.

Helping your children understand that women have interests, passions, and careers outside the family life they see will expand the horizons of your children and show them all the things women can and do. “And don’t stop there! Look for children-friendly biographies and autobiographies that showcase girls and women’s incredible and wide-ranging accomplishments worldwide. “It may not be possible for her to meet a Supreme Court judge or an astronaut in her neighborhood, but this should not prevent her from meeting the phenomenal females in those positions through books!

3. Watch, then talk:

Set aside some time to speak about what you’ve just seen after watching a film or TV show with your girl, make sure to discuss how distinct genders were depicted. Was the “intelligent” girl depicted as nerdy or not as cool as the rest? Was the primary character male or female. And if he were male, would it make sense for the tale if they reversed the gender of that character? Explain that because TV shows and online videos have a short time to tell a story, they too often rely on visual signals — often stereotypes— to communicate their characters ‘ ideas quickly.


4. Before you talk, think about it:

The way you talk about females in your life (and yourself!) has an enormous effect on your girl’s manner of looking at herself. Be frank: if you compliment your partners, sisters, or female colleagues, are they primarily about the stuff they wear or how they look? Try to broaden your praise in other females by noting the intelligent comments they made during a conference, their capacity to remain calm under stress, or even their thoughtfulness to call you during a busy day. “We need to do more to show girls everything they appreciate.

Of course, you believe your girl is lovely, and there’s no reason not to say her that sometimes, but she — and all the females in your world — need to understand they’re appreciated for so much more than just their looks. When your daughter hears you speaking badly about how you or someone else looks, she learns to pick out her own looks and judge others on the basis of appearances. She looks at you as a role model in life, so if you want her to be kind to herself, you can first demonstrate her how nice she is to herself.


5. Remember that there is no gender in the work:

Families so often assign duties in a very old-fashioned manner when it comes to family duties without even realizing it. If you have a girl and a boy, is your mother typically taking care of domestic things like washing the dishes and setting the table while your son is doing more physical duties like mowing the lawn or climbing ladders to replace light bulbs? “Put on a rotating schedule family duties so that everyone can attempt their hand at all. “Having mastered these abilities will benefit your girls and boys alike, showing them that there is no such thing as a job for men or work for women— it’s all just work!

6. Embrace Adventure:

Do you have an open weekend where you and your girl can do just about anything you want? There’s nothing wrong with getting your nails done for some quality moment, but make sure you don’t do that whenever (or most of the time) you have an opportunity to bond. Modify it! Take a basketball and go to your local park’s courts. Check out the city’s fresh laser tag to see what it’s all about. Heck, take a few wheels and sail to the skate park. Engaging women in active sports, particularly those not traditionally considered to be “ladylike,” enables her to see her body as powerful and competent and not just “beautiful.” Moreover, it will teach her from an early age that sports fun is not just something for kids to enjoy — she also belongs to these locations and to these teams.

It is a genuine boost to trust and can assist your kid to become more independent to support your kid in the choice of what to play with. Try these tips to avoid gender stereotype.

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