Are you connected to your children?

Image source : pixabay

Is there an understanding between your children and you?are you managing some quality time for your children? are they connected to you mentally and emotionally?

when this  question comes mostly working parents get a flash back of when was the last time they literally spent quality time with there children and had a  good time with there own family.

Basically Indian parental styles were seen good at earlier prospects but now since there is a change in way of living and development is at its crucial stages and both parents are working for a livelihood it becomes difficult to manage home and work place at same time.

someday back on you tube there was a trending video in which the relationships and time specification of parents with there children is shown closely and   widely ,where children are friendly to there mom and dad and are expressive in front of them which is rarely seen……Work is important but lagging emotional attachment to your own kiddos is way worst, they don’t need your whole day else just 15 mins of happy moments shared with you……. is it really that hard for you to sum up 15 mins for them from your busy schedule?

get to them,stay connected,let the bond go longer and better!

and do must watch this video which i myself felt a boring thing before watching

they crave for your attention not your money!!