Amazing Vagina Facts All Women Should Know

Vagina Facts
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Vagina Facts All Women Should Know

The vagina is one of your body’s most significant components–and also one of the most impressive! It goes through a lot from the fantastic feeling of contact with the pain that accompanies a delivery. Why don’t you find out more about the vagina with some incredible vagina facts?
Your vagina is, in many ways, your best friend. Of course, it bleeds, it needs maintenance, and sometimes it smells funny, but without it, life wouldn’t be the same! Remember how incredible it is the next time you take it for granted.

1. The clitoris is not a button, but rather a wishbone:

When most individuals believe about the clitoris, they believe about the tiny visible portion. But the study shows that it effectively has branches that extend beneath the skin, on either side of the vulva, in a kind of wishbone form. “Potentially these branches can be stimulated from outside,”

2. What you think is your vagina is probably actually your vulva:

The vulva relates to external areas of your genitalia which are noticeable. The vagina, on the other side, is the muscle track that connects the vulva to the cervix. The vagina contains basically everything you can see— labia, the clitoris, the urethra, the vaginal opening, etc…

3. Vaginas (and vulvas) come in many forms, sizes, and colors:

There is a lot of variation between people and people, and there is no such thing as a “standard” vulva

4. Not every woman is born with hymens:

And they vary in density and coverage for those who do have hymens. What this means: by doing a “hymen check,” you can’t really tell if someone is a virgin or not.

5. Has a huge number of nerves:

The clitoris has eight thousand nerves while the penis has only four thousand! That’s why the most delicate portion of a woman’s body is this small region. All the more reason to enjoy it and offer you loads of enjoyment.

6. When you’re prepared for sex, your vagina extends:

A pretty awesome vagina fact, right? Though you might think your vagina is quite small, it expands when you’re turned on for intercourse. It does the same when your body is ready to push out a baby. It can expand up to a whopping 200 percent!

7. Vagina is the perfect reminder for your period:

Sometimes your vagina reminds you to get prepared when you lose track of your menstrual cycle. You feel like it’s under pressure, and you know it’s time for Aunt Flow again with a familiar backache or a poor tummy.

8. Your vagina can clean itself up:

You’re going to be amazed to know that you don’t need powders and liquids to clean the inside of your lady’s parts. With the release, your vagina can clean itself! The only cleaning it requires is outside. Use a gentle, scent-free soap to avoid disturbing the pH balance and killing the good bacteria.

9. There is something prevalent between sharks and vaginas:

Believe it or not, some part of the vagina shares something prevalent with sharks! It is squalene or a natural vaginal lubricant that is also present in the lungs of a shark. How did you believe you could have intercourse without using a synthetic lube? It is not just people who have natural lubricants!

10. Pubic hair isn’t bad:

It is pubic hair that protects your sensitive vagina from bacteria and alien particles. Think about this when tempted to shave or wax. Plus, this hair has a life expectancy of about 3 weeks, so it does not develop very long.

11. Feeling like you’ve got to pee during sex, even though you’ve just gone? It’s normal:

About this complicated clitourethrovaginal… Well, it can imply that your partner may sometimes stimulate your urethra (or even bladder) during sex, which can possibly make you feel like you’ve got pee.

There’s also something called nerve cross-talk that’s where there’s so much going on down there that your nerves can get confused about precisely what they’re experiencing.

12. The older you are, the less probably your pubic hair will be removed:

Age was a significant predictor of how much women’s pubic hair removed. For instance, 18-to 24-year-olds were the most likely to report being completely hair-free; 25-to 49-year-olds were all most likely to list “some removal, not total;” and the majority of females over 50 said they did not do any hair removal at all.

The key to appreciating how essential it is is to know everything about your vagina. The next time you’ve got menstrual cramps or labor pains, attempt to remember these vagina facts to realize it’s doing everything it can to assist!

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