A Cherished Friend & A Personal Cheerleader

Celebrating Being an “Bua/Masi”
Becoming an aunt for the first time is absolutely out of your controls and makes you fall into tears, actually when baby is first child of family.Though not the fruit of your womb, the baby in your arms becomes a reason for celebrating. You feel like baby is just your gift hamper from almighty.

One such beautiful relationship is that of an aunt with her little niece/nephew, which is but special, formed by the bond of two bodies related by blood. No, it’s not a parental relationship, where roles are clearly defined and definitely not a stranger, where no roles are necessary

The bond that she shares with either of her parents’ sister is that of otherhood, very much like motherhood, but with the prominent factor of other. The child will look on her aunt as her friend when in times of need, a guide when she stages silent battles with her mother, and a confidant when she needs a listening ear. She forms a special bond with this other woman in her life, whom she so tenderly calls aunt.

# Being Bua/Masi you get to get many rights on your own

Bua/Masi means you are bestowed with the honour of deciding what your Siblings’s child will be called for the rest of his/her life. That kind of influence on someone’s life can be quite heady! hahaha

# You get to watch adorable baby videos all day long

Having a bad day? Thankfully, you have hundreds of videos of your nephew or niece saved on your phone to cheer you up and make you laugh. And of course, aunts are almost as likely as parents to forward and show off videos and pictures of their nephew’s/niece’s cute antics. Making their own’s singing skills on top, cheers loudly matching the baby sound.