6 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

6 weeks pregnant
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       6 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

At 6 weeks pregnant, pregnancy is still new to you. So feeling a little emotional is normal. Add to this some pretty uncomfortable symptoms of early pregnancy (including hormone fluctuations that may feel like PMS — on steroids!), and feeling downright miserable is understandable. Have we mentioned uncertainty and nervousness? That’s probably part of why you have to adjust to pregnancy for nine whole months. Of course, it’s also because the baby needs all that time to get in order all of its working parts.

Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 6


Some critical developments are beginning to take place in the baby starting this week. The nose, mouth, and ears of your baby begin to take shape. The head of your baby is formed and is clearly seen in the ultrasound. The heart beats 100 to 160 times a minute, and blood in your baby’s body has started to circulate. Also, this week marks the development of his intestines and the tissues that will evolve into his lungs. At the same time, his brain, muscles, bones, and pituitary gland also begin to develop.

What is the Baby’s Size?

Your baby is currently undergoing a significant development phase. All parts of his body take shape. His system of heart and circulation is already functional. The baby’s size is that of a pea grain at 6 weeks pregnant and only about 1⁄4 inch long.

6-weeks Symptoms of Pregnancy

Because your pregnancy is still early, you may not have symptoms yet — at this point, some women are terribly nauseous, while others feel almost nothing. Either is normal at 6 weeks of pregnancy, but the most common 6-week symptoms of pregnancy include:

  • Fatigue: You are so drained because your body is still getting used to the hormones that change. If you feel wiped out, get extra rest.
  • Nausea: Hate to break it, but it’s not just morning sickness. It can be an affair for the whole day. And moms-to-be who are pregnant with twins for six weeks could have even more severe nausea. Having an empty stomach can trigger nausea bouts is a good idea to find foods that help settle your stomach and keep them on hand for regular snacking.
  • Sore Breast: Because of increased blood flow, your boobs are probably sore. Can you think that your body is already beginning to breastfeed your baby? Yep, even six weeks from now!
  • Frequent urination: It is because the pregnancy hormone hCG leads to extra blood flow to the pelvic area that you find yourself having to pee more than usual. Heading to the bathroom more often is normal, but tell your doctor right away if you have painful urination or the urge to go but can’t. These are signs of a UTI that you are at higher risk of starting pregnancy at week 6.
  • Gas and bloating: These tummy problems may be caused by the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fiber to prevent constipation which helps bloat.
  • Mood swings: Fatigue and fluctuations in blood sugar can also contribute, so get additional rest and eat healthy meals and snacks regularly to help keep your (at least kind of) mood in check.
  • Cramping and spotting: Cramping and spotting are both normal at 6 weeks of pregnancy and anytime in early pregnancy. We know that these symptoms could cause you to worry about problems such as 6 weeks of ectopic pregnancy or other forms of abuse. Be sure that you should call your physician if any abdominal pain is serious, or if bleeding becomes heavy like a period.

6 weeks pregnant belly

Although bloating at 6 weeks of pregnancy is common, you probably don’t look pregnant at all. Your fast growing pea embryo will soon take on a larger number of properties in your bowels within your six-week pregnant belly. So, you can enjoy a little longer in your secret if you are not ready to share your news with the world. If you are pregnant with twins for six weeks, of course, belly expansion will take place a little more quickly than will for other moms.

6 Weeks Ultrasound

If you let your doctor know you’re pregnant for six weeks, she might have asked you to go in right away for your first prenatal appointment, but she might have told you to wait a couple of weeks. In fact, the first prenatal inspection usually takes place at about 8 or 9 weeks. So, unless you’re pregnant at high risk, you probably won’t have an ultrasound for 6 weeks. We know that anticipation is killing you!

Yet, you probably wonder what’s going on inside your pregnant belly for 6 weeks. Well, many of the key baby development areas have already begun. With an increasingly sophisticated circulatory system, baby’s circulating blood. The baby may even wiggle hands and feet like paddles. Your 6-week embryo is also about to get cuter as it starts sprouting a nose, eyes, ears, chin, and cheeks.

And yes, if you’re pregnant with twins for six weeks, at this point you’ll be able to see two separate gestational bags on the ultrasound. Twins actually develop after conception about 4 to 10 days. You probably have a million questions in your mind while waiting for your doctor’s appointment. Write them down so that at your first prenatal visit you have them ready to ask your OB. (Until then, we hope we’ve answered a bunch for you— and can keep answering it).


Reminders for the week:

  • Make preparations for your first prenatal appointment
  • Review your policy of life insurance
  • Take a pulse of the relationship

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