5 Things Not To Avoid During Pregnancy


Sometimes we are so casual towards our health during pregnancy and sometimes too conscious.

Being extra conscious on one hand can make you worrisome always and the tensed mind can not make good decisions, while on the other hand excessive casual mind can become dangerous to both your and your baby’s health.

Hence here are the few things NOT to be avoided during pregnancy.
1. Breakfast- It is a blunder during pregnancy. Because your body is into double metabolism to nourish you and the baby inside you during night. Development of fetus doesn’t stop in the night.
Hence your body needs a nutrient breakfast in the morning. To recover all lost calories.
2. Low belly Cramps- Many times in second trimester, you may find light cramps as your belly has started expanding itself.
But its not safe to avoid it for long if you feel it before your first trimester ends.
Any painful cramp or bright red bleeding should be reported to your doctor immediately.
3. Sugar levels- If you have any history of diabetes and your sugar levels are rising during pregnancy then you must report it immediately to your doctor.
4. Weight Gain- Gaining excessive weight or not gaining enough weight both are serious during pregnancy. Keep a check.
5. Low Hemoglobin- There are lot of women who start dropping there hemoglobin levels during second trimester. Its necessary to have your iron supplements on time, plus eating green leafy vegetables along with lemon or orange juice (Vitamin C) helps.
Low Hemoglobin levels can make your delivery difficult, hence it should never be avoided.
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