19 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

19 weeks pregnant
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      19 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?


19 weeks pregnant is four months and about one week pregnant. In another week, you’ll be halfway through. It is all so overwhelming and unbelievable.

Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 19

Your baby should be the size of a large banana or a mango now. Also, your baby’s skin now has protection in your womb in the form of vernix caseosa while it continues to grow.

This is a crucial time for the development of your baby’s senses. The nerve cells that will help the baby to understand the world around them are growing in specialized areas of his brain.

Your baby’s body is also being protected by lanugo, which may look wrinkled at the time of birth, but the sensitive skin is certainly being protected from the amniotic fluid. 

What is the Baby’s Size?

Baby is as big as a mango at 19 weeks of pregnancy. At about 6.0 inches long and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces, your 19-week fetus continues to get bigger.

19-week Symptoms of Pregnancy

Normal 19-weeks pregnant symptoms aren’t that severe but more like annoyances. Check them all out.


  • Abdominal aches and pains: As your uterus grows, the round ligaments supporting it have to stretch. Occasionally, these stretched-out ligaments will cause a sharp pain or a dull ache in your lower abdomen, usually on one side or the other. It’s probably most noticeable when you change positions or get up suddenly. Rest usually offers the best relief.
  • Dizziness: You should know you’re not alone. Light-headedness during pregnancy can happen because your growing uterus puts pressure on your blood vessels. Plus, the baby is crowding your lungs, so there’s less oxygen for you! But there are other things that contribute to lightheadedness, including dehydration and hunger, so take care of yourself and eat and drink regularly.
  • Leg cramps: This is one of the most common symptoms. Try to stretch more often. You can even practice light yoga regularly.

19 weeks pregnant belly

At 19 weeks pregnant, baby’s movement inside your belly is probably becoming noticeable to you. Of course, like with shows, this phenomenon happens earlier for some women than it does for others. Right now, these tiny movements probably feel more like taps or flutters. Your partner or anyone else may not feel the kicks yet if they touch your belly.

If your weight gain to rate is higher or lower than that, talk to your doctor about whether or not it’s cause for concern. Sudden or rapid weight gain could be a sign of preeclampsia—which needs to be treated ASAP.

19 Weeks Ultrasound

Your 19-week fetus is developing a protective coating over his or her skin called vernix caseosa. It’s greasy and white and you may see some of it at birth. Also, at 19 weeks is also working on his or her on five senses. At your mid-pregnancy ultrasound, which is coming up very soon, the technician will scan pretty much all of baby’s body—including the brain, spine, and heart—to make sure everything’s developing properly.

 Don’t leave without getting some printouts from the scan to take home with you and show off.



  • Maintaining good posture is essential throughout pregnancy to prevent aches and pains.


  • Going for a dental check-up in case of extremely swollen or bleeding gums 
  • Trying to remain in quiet, peaceful surroundings as your baby is now developed enough to respond to sounds, and sudden loud noises are likely to upset him. You can even play soothing music to keep the baby calm.
  • Try yoga and some light exercises.

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