12 Ways To Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy
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If you’ve decided to become pregnant, you’re likely to want your body to be well prepared to nurture a new human being. Preconception preparation is popular among many women who want to increase healthier pregnancy chances. Also after pregnancy, the healthy lifestyle changes you make during birth will last and become part of your life. Continue reading for the ways to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Ways To Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Below are a couple of ideas you can hold in mind to prepare your body for pregnancy.

1. Stop Birth Control

You’ll need to stop using any form of birth control you’ve been using. If you have an IUD, a gynecologist may have it removed. Although some women appear to get pregnant after stopping birth control within the next two weeks, others may take longer.

2. Consult Your Doctor

The first thing that you need to do is have a doctor’s appointment for both you and your partner. The doctor will examine the medical history of your family to rule out complications. In the event of complications, treatments will be given to you. The doctor can also test if you are immune to major diseases. You will require chickenpox and rubella vaccine, and both vaccines will have to be taken three months before you attempt to conceive.

The doctor will also check for sexually transmitted diseases and recommend you follow the precautions and therapies needed to increase the chance of safe pregnancy.

Nonetheless, you will need to see a doctor to make some appropriate improvements to care before trying to conceive if you have any underlying medical problems that cause you to take daily medications such as epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma.

Ways To Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

3. Add Folic Acid In Your Diet

You may need to add folic acid. Folic acid leads to preventing neural tube defects during pregnancy. Even if it is available on the counter, you can check these supplements with your doctor. During preconception, 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid are recommended daily. Your doctor can change the dosage accordingly once you are pregnant.

4. Multivitamins

Most physicians recommend that women use multivitamins to compensate for the lack of other vitamins in their bodies. These prenatal vitamins can help you fix any dietary deficiency before you become pregnant. You will also increase the consumption of foods high in iron and calcium.

5. Take All The Information

Comprehending how conception works. Speak to your doctor before you start thinking about all the details you need. It is also important for you to read as much of what you have in store for the next few months as possible. Track the period as well. You will greatly increase the chances of pregnancy if you are ovulating. For this purpose, you can use ovulation kits.

6. Dental Check-up

Gum disease is linked to premature labor and low birth weight. Make sure you plan a visit to your dentist before you get pregnant and get the problem solved.

7. Stress Relief 

It can be very stressful to try and conceive. Yet it’s important to control your stress because stress will shoot up your cortisol levels, hinder ovulation and lower sex drive. You should try different forms of stress reduction, such as yoga, meditation, music, reading, etc.

8. Stop Smoking And Alcohol

No doubt all of the practices are detrimental to both you and your baby. Smoking can also expose you to a lot of toxins and decrease your blood flow. This also affects fertility, which may result in premature birth, miscarriage or even death. Alcohol may have long-term complications and developmental issues in the infant, and can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome in the infant. Drug use is illegal and can result in abortion, stillbirth, etc. Drugs such as heroin and cocaine can also lead to drug-addicted children. It is prudent to also ask your partner to stop smoking in case he does, as smoking is often correlated with low sperm counts. Smoking exposure isn’t ideal either, particularly during pregnancy. It’s also best if you limit your daily intake of caffeine as only 300 ml of caffeine is recommended for pregnant women each day.

9. Fix Your Diet

Cut out your diet’s unhealthy food products, brace your body for pregnancy with safe, organic food options, and drink plenty of water. Switching those carbs and sugar to nutritious snacks such as nuts and fruits will do you good and reduce your toxin exposure. In addition, stop consuming raw eggs or undercooked meat to reduce the possibility of salmonella. When you have BMI over 30 and are obese, it is extremely important to get on a healthier diet. Also, becoming underweight may be a problem, because it may impact your menstrual cycle and can cause you to skip periods. That basically means you won’t ovulate every cycle. In case you are aiming for a good pregnancy, it is best to get to a healthy BMI range of 19 to 25.

10. Exercise

For at least four to five days per week you will need to integrate moderate work out sessions of around 30 minutes. If you start from scratch, a 20-minute walk will help you move before you try to carry out more intense workouts. If you work out regularly, you can try to get five to six days a week with about 45 minutes of exercise.

Ways To Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

11. Involve Your Partner

Conceiving and getting ready to conceive is his duty as much as it is yours. You may also ask him to start taking folic acid because it helps with counting the sperm. He will also make an effort to keep fit and safe and give up on drugs like smoking, alcohol or others. To encourage a healthy pregnancy it is necessary for both of you to have a healthy lifestyle.

He should also see a doctor and be tested too, since approximately 30% of cases of infertility result from male infertility.

When you plan to accept a new person into your house, it is also important that you plan yourself for the challenge mentally. You will need to take care of and nurture the baby and have the best possible environment in which to grow up. Making a few basic changes in lifestyle will make a very good contribution to that mission.

Ways To Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy
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12. Sleep

Each day, a good night’s rest will monitor the body in the way it should. Sleep deprivation can cause tension, reduce your sex drive and exhaust yourself.

So, these are some of the ways to prepare your body for pregnancy

Remember conceiving can be easy for some and challenging for others alike. If you don’t conceive instantly, don’t lose faith. You will have to give it time and patience and, above all, enjoy the process. In the event that you are having medical issues, test the possible causes and methods of rectification with your doctor.

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