10 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect?

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10 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect?

Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 10

Now that you’ve reached 10 weeks pregnant, you may stop wondering when you’ll start to actually look pregnant. It is probably around this time for that look.  At 10 weeks pregnant, you’re about two months and one week pregnant. What? Yess!!


What is the Baby’s Size?

During week 10 of pregnancy, your baby is as big as a normal sized-strawberry, measuring about 1.2 inches long and weighing about 0.14 ounces. Your 10-week baby’s body length will almost double in the upcoming three weeks. This is the beginning of the so-called fetal period. It is a time when the tissues and organs in the baby’s body rapidly grow and mature. In the coming weeks, your baby will again double in size to around 3 inches.

10-week Symptoms of Pregnancy

It such a roller coaster ride. You know the waves you will go through but it’s always a surprise when you actually go through it. You must be wondering what to expect at 10 weeks pregnancy. As the baby grows, your ligaments and muscles will start to stretch inside your 10 weeks pregnant belly. Your breasts will be getting bigger by now and some other radical changes may be happening.

Here are some of the most common 10 weeks pregnancy symptoms:

  • Growing breasts

You may have already noticed how your breasts are no more the size they were. They have probably gotten bigger by week 10 of the pregnancy, since they’ve been prepping for breastfeeding after the baby’s arrival.

It’s no news that nausea and vomiting are pretty common. At 10 weeks pregnancy it may be more frequent. Although the good news is that they will likely subside soon after you hit your second trimester.

  • Fatigue

Your sleep might have been disrupted or some weird dreams reoccurring are also common during pregnancy. You are highly exhausted but you must know that your body is working really hard to grow your baby.

The mood swings, as we all know are the result of constant changes in your hormones. The hormones in your body is rapidly changing and it may go like this for a while. Try meditation and healthier food for some relaxation. You can even watch movies or series that may help you keep calm.

  • Ligament pain

You may experience some pain in your abdomen. This is because it stretches to carry your growing baby. The pain is not common in every pregnant woman but few may experience these sensations, which are often called “round ligament pain”. They are quite painful and more common if you are carrying twins. Let your OB know if your discomfort is intense or if you’re worried in any way.

  • Increased vaginal discharge

The increased blood flow to your vagina combined with an increase in estrogen production could cause more of a clear, odourless discharge called leukorrhea. It might seem a little gross, but this substance is simply nature’s way of getting rid of bacteria. In case, it is colored, tinged with blood, has a foul odour, or causes discomfort in any way, you must call your doctor.

10 weeks pregnant belly

Your 10 weeks pregnant belly is probably just starting to show. That’s because your baby is continuing their rapid growth and so your belly has started to develop further. You still might not look pregnant to people you meet, but you might need some pants with a stretchy waistband and some loose-fitting tops right around this time.

Many doctors recommend gaining about three to five pounds during the first trimester for pregnant women of average BMI. If you find yourself at 10 weeks pregnancy having gained a few extra pounds, you might just be on the right track.

If you’re pregnant with twins, your doctor may recommend you to gain about a pound per week in the first half of your pregnancy. This means you could have gained about 10 pounds by the time you’ve reached 10 weeks pregnant with twins.


10 Weeks Ultrasound

The ultrasound exam can take between 15 to 30 minutes. The sonographer has to get a good image of the baby and also examine your uterus, placenta, and ovaries. If the baby is very active, moving around or is in an awkward position, the sonographer will take longer to capture clear images. If clear images are not obtained, the scan may have to be redone another time.

Things to expect in a 10-week ultrasound? Here is the list:

  • You can see thebaby moving in a 10-week ultrasound.
  • The baby’s hands, feet, and head can be seen clearly.
  • The baby’s skin is transparent, so you will be able to see the internal organs.
  • You can see the heart beating and even hear it.
  • You will see that the baby’s forehead is bulged to accommodate the growing brain. (The forehead gradually flattens later)
  • You can see the baby’s fingers and toes. (The fingers and toes are webbed earlier, and by the 10thweek, the webbing disappears and the digits separate.)
  • Body hair may be visible during this time.
  • Nose and ears of the baby can be seen.
  • The eyelids are seen but they are closed.
  • Baby’s skeleton is complete.
  • The framework of the spine can be seen.


If the baby is not seen moving during the by the 10th-week, there is nothing to worry. The baby may be sleeping in the womb. If your sonographer assures you about the baby’s growth, development, and heartbeat and that they are all normal, there is no need to be concerned about it.


The 10-week ultrasound scan is also called a dating scan, as it is used to determine the gestational age of the baby and predict the due date. The nuchal translucency test is part of this scan. Some parents may choose to get a printed picture of the scan to preserve as a memento



  • Schedule your CVS test.
  • Schedule your nuchal translucency screening.
  • Get the Dos and Don’ts of exercise.
  • Shop some maternity clothes (but not too many as your body will go through way more changes in upcoming months).
  • Stock on some looser clothes that will be of use for the entire pregnancy.


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