10 Best Movies To Watch On Mother’s Day

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day
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In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together the best movies to watch with Mom. Whether you’re looking for a good group cry or looking for hours of giggling on the sofa, these movies are the perfect opportunity to spend the evening at home with your mom. While it’s a wonderful idea to treat your mom to breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, it makes total sense to snuggling with her to enjoy a few of the good Mother’s Day movies too. The options are endless. Scroll down for best movies to watch on mother’s day.

Best Movies To Watch On Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day movie marathon might really set the stage for a lazy, wonderful day of bonding if you want to do something special for your mom. Download some great Mother’s Day movies, get an ice-cream tub, and her favorite flavored popcorn – she’s going to love every bit of it, so you can make the day really special for her. Here are a few best movies to watch on Mother’s day.

1. Mother India

Mother India is about a woman who, amid a series of social problems and tribulations, raises all of her children. Nevertheless, she holds to her religious values regardless of the many problems. The film was nominated to an Oscar, too. It certainly ranks among the best ever Mother’s Day movies and why not! Who else, then a mother, would understand the true meaning of sacrifice and values?

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

2. English Vinglish

This film is an inspirational story for mothers who value their families. It’s all about Shashi, a simple woman, and a small business caterer. She is typically ridiculed by her husband and daughter because she knows little about English, though praised for her cooking skills. She enters one day an English language class and a new world of possibility. As a woman, mother, and entrepreneur, she lost self-esteem returns and reaffirms its value. This film can inspire the whole family to enjoy Mother’s Day. And to see Sridevi at her best is pure pleasure!

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

3. Freaky Friday

The 1976 film ‘Freaky Friday’ is one of the best Hollywood mother-daughter films, adapted to Mary Rodgers’s novel of the same name, and has been reworked. When they exchange bodies because of an enchanted Chinese fortune cookie, the misunderstandings and hardships of a punk teenage and stern single mother are swept away. They begin to live each other’s life, they realize one another’s goodness. When it has been understood, they are both restored to their own bodies – happy ending!

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

4. Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is for free-spirited mums who put happiness before all else. The film is about a woman, Tanya, who finds herself in a tough situation when she comes face-to-face with three of her ex-lovers who are being invited to her wedding by her daughter, Sophie. The film has incredible scenes, drama, comedy and a lot of music on Greek Island! This is a real treat for all ABBA lovers, and great if your mother likes to watch music and Meryl Streep. Mamma Mia is one of the best films you can watch with your mother, without a doubt.

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

5. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a dramatic comedy about the problems of a few mothers and Atlanta’s widower’s father. It revolves around how they tackle their issues but finally come together and have a meaningful celebration of Mother’s Day. It’s a good movie to watch on Mother’s Day, with actors like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Margo Martindale, and Jennifer Garner.

6. Mom

This film is an example of a mother’s power. The plot revolves around a stepmother who goes beyond boundaries to punish her school-going stepdaughter’s perpetrators who gang-rape. On Mother’s Day, the gripping story and stunning visuals make this film a must-watch. If you want this film and your mother never saw it, ensure that you give her an idea and approve it before you show it to her. Maybe she will just watch light heart films and have fun spending the day. But if she’s up for this, have all your snacks and drinks to enjoy the film until the end.

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

7. The Parent Trap

This classic movie is the perfect place to continue the celebration of Mother’s Day. It is the story of Annie and Hallie, twin sisters who were separated at birth. They go camping to discover that their parents were once married. They agree to change their personalities hoping to meet the other parent and even hope to bring their parents back together. With this Mother’s Day movie, your mum is sure to start the day on a cheerful note.

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

8. The Sound of Music

Who’s not enjoying another re-run of ‘The Sound of Music?’ Everything about this film is nostalgic from the unforgettable tunes to the inimitable Julie Andrews. Naturally, who can forget the children of Von Trapp, and how they finally come to love Maria, the nun turned nanny. You and your mom will probably sing along to the movie this Mother’s Day.

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

9. Nil Battey Sannata

You can’t skip Nil Battey Sannata amongst the movies to watch on Mother’s Day. It’s one of the finest Hindi films that exemplify “practice what you’re preaching.” The story is about a poor woman, Chanda, who does odd jobs to finance the education of her daughter, Apeksha. Apeksha detests going to school though and thinks of it as a pointless pursuit. Chanda comes up with a brilliant idea to get her daughter involved in research, with the help of her Doctor Didi. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, be sure to block some time to enjoy this Mother’s Day with your mom. She would enjoy it!

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

10. Bird Box

Moms like a little excitement in their lives, too. Adding a thriller to Mother’s Day movies list will kill the monotony and excite the day. And, certainly, this movie would! Bird Box is about a woman embarking on a dangerous journey to a sanctuary to save herself and her children from an unknown entity, which may take the shape of their worst fears. The only way out is to fly blindfolded so as never to see the darkness that pursues them. This Mother’s Day movie is best enjoyed with a big bowl of chips and soda after sunset.

Best Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

So, these are the best movies to watch on mother’s day.

These films are perfect choices for Mother’s Day and are setting the tone for a wonderful evening filled with laughter, tears, and plenty of cuddles. The best part remains that with the first love of your life you will be able to spend quality time but you will also make her feel very special! Go ahead and download or rent these movies of Mother’s Day, and make a memorable day that she will appreciate for life.

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